Japan, but not Tokyo

I arrived in Japan.  But this is not Narita, and I didnt carry work laptop with me – yahoo!  The queue at Kansai International Airport was just as long.  And what I could remember of my 1st 3 hours in Osaka was lining up behind a long line of people.  It wasnt just queuing at the immigration, but there was another long queue to buy the ICOCA train card to Kyoto.


Standing for a few hours made me hungry.  And Japan’s ramen never disappoint.  These MIBs (+ jeans) were busy cooking the ramen.  Look at what was served in the bowl – it looks like a whole pig in there, and a forest of spring onion!

And the spring onions – the width was uniform!  The Japanese are so meticulous..even the garnishing need to be looking perfect.



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