Bridge, old train and bamboo – Arashiyama

Arashiyama is at the outskirt of Kyoto, so I took the bus there instead of cycling.  There are so many interesting places just within this district but I managed to cover only a few.  Tenryu-ji is located in Arashiyama.

The first sight upon alighting from the bus was the Togetsukyo Bridge.  It’s an iconic landmark of Arashiyama.  It was originally built in 794 (yeah, the millenium had not started yet), and reconstructed in 1930s.  And, it reminded me of the Brooklyn Bridge – I wanted to walk across the bridge, but I didn’t get to do so.  I should have stayed a night in Arashiyama and enjoy a serendipitious exploration of the villages across the bridge.  They looked rustic.  Or maybe attempt some fishing in the river.


This is the town of Arashiyama.  It’s a proper tourist town with plenty of souvenir shops lining the roads.

Town looks grey becos the weather was totally moody that day.

The Japanese are truly artisans.  My will was weak..resistance was totally futile.  I contributed to Arashiyama’s local economy.

The tight, white, short shorts was totally distracting.  This is “art” too, if you were to ask me..


After having visited Tenryu-ji, another attraction is to hop on the Sagano Scenic Railway, that runs from Arashiyama to Kameoka.  So when the charming and old-fashioned “Romantic Train” arrived, I got on it.


It’s only a short distance, but the view was absolutely scenic.  The track runs, mostly alongside a river.  And the train ran thru tunnels that cut into forested mountains.  I saw photos of the forest when they turned a brilliant red, orange, gold amidst green hues.  Absolutely stunning!


A masked-visitor jumped into the train mid-way of the journey.  To amuse the visitors, esp the kids.  This is a selfie-savvy monster.

This family of an unknown animal sculpture, at the Kameoka station.


I didn’t alight from the train to visit Kameoka, as it was raining.  Leceh to walk around in a wet environment.  So I stayed in the train and went back to Arashiyama.  And the way back, the conductor of the train serenaded us with an old Japanese favourite.  A pity I couldn’t upload the video here; the video was beautiful: scenic view thru out the journey, lilting voice of the conductor, visitors smiling to one another, children singing along to the old favourite.

Went to the famed Bamboo Curtain of Arashiyama.  It would have been Instagramable if it didnt rain that day.  Plenty of bamboo groves around..for sure the pandas would prefer the shoots to sex if they were to visit this place.



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